"Gossip Reporter": An actual job title..

Well, it’s 3:26am.   I’m on vacation and am something of a night owl.  Heh, I remember back in Halifax, someone called me ask what I was doing.  I told him we were still sleeping (somewhat churlishly).   He says, “Its 2 in the afternoon! You’re missing a beautiful day!”.
I tell him that he missed a glorious night and hung up.

But I digress.  After the raid I went to watch True Blood.  I’d recorded the episode.  It was pretty good.  I watched Hiccups after (a weird little Canadian comedy that I enjoy…the humour is quirky which is probably why it appeals)….and I’m digressing again.

I PVR everything and tend to skip commercials, but I was slow at one point and caught half of an endorsement for toothpaste by…get this…a “Gossip Reporter”.   Wow…our world is so shallow that not only do we have people who will say, on television, that they are gossip reporters, but these people are sought after by toothpaste companies for endorsements.

Seriously, if someone held a gun to my head and told me I had a choice of going on national tv and telling people I was a gossip reporter, or…or…actually you know what. I’d just take the bullet.

I just googled “Gossip Reporter” (24,500 returns).  Kim Cattrell apparently agrees with me!

“Gossip Reporter” and “Job Postings”  had 53 returns.

Anyway, I’m going to try out that sleep thing everyone’s talking about.




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