The Day the World Changed Forever…..again….

It’s the 10th anniversary of a Day that will Live in Infamy.

I use that term deliberately, wondering what percentage of the population will know what it originally refers to without help.

Maybe if I said, “December 7th, 1941″?

If you’re still lost, and don’t know why I’m referring to Pearl Harbour then go google it.

There are other dates I could mention… 1 September 1939,  28th of June 1914, and of course 11th of November, 1965.  (the last one is my birthday…a little levity on a dark and heavy subject).

September 11th 2001….another day in a string of many that we must never forget.

I remember a debate in High School….”Is Man Inherently Evil?”.  I was the moderator.  The debate denigrated into a shouting match which a teacher ended after a girl named Robin and I practically came to blows…..she told me I “wouldn’t be so tough without that gavel”…I tossed it aside and we were nose to nose yelling at each other.  So neither side won the debate…but it illustrates a point.   Sometimes people just can’t find the words to express themselves and start yelling, or shooting, or stabbing, or invading.

We all react to things differently. Some of us, when we are afraid and threatened, cower.  Some rise up and fight.  Often, rational thought doesn’t enter into a reaction.

But, 9/11 was not an act of war.  It was not one madman’s reach for power beyond what signatories to certain treaties could tolerate, nor was it an attempt to reach out and slap a monarchy.  It was… know I’ve sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of a term to finish that statement and I can only think of two words.

fucking stupid!

Its like, “Hi, my name is Osama Bin Laden, and the other day I was wondering what the best way to get 10’s of thousands of my fellow Arabs killed….”

Sorry mom, I know you read what I write and I’m going to have to swear again…..OBL is a fucktard.  Or rather, was a fucktard.  (no more profanity after this mom, I promise!)

But still, we, as a species, continue to do things so monumentally horrendous that the days which must never be forgotten continue to mount.

And while we vow to never do so, we often do forget…or worse…we deflect by thinking, “This is different!”.

We must never forget,  we must make the effort to see the similarities in these monstrous acts…not on their anniversaries,  but every day….especially in those moments when you are wiring up a bomb to strap on, or boarding an aircraft with the intent to ensure it doesn’t reach its destination….or even when you’re about to flip someone off for cutting you off in traffic.   For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…unless you really piss someone off whose bigger than you…than the opposite reaction is much much worse…for everyone.

I remember reading on some forum where someone posted that they wanted Arabs to “be afraid”.    That is the complete wrong approach to terrorism….why?  Well…it doesn’t work.  How many of you would strap on a vest filled with explosives and walk amongst a bunch of innocent people and obliterate yourselves?  I’m betting outside of a few nutjobs, everyone said something to the effect of “Not Bloody Likely”.

Why is that?  You have plans…dreams, hopes, aspirations for the future.

My friend Charity once said, “The font of terrorism is hopelessness”.

That should be the focus of any “War on Terror”.  Eliminate hopelessness.   This doesn’t prevent you from eliminating threats to your security with military force.  But the latter does not give you license to oppress an entire people.

Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly but carry a big stick”….wise words, but mostly with we human beings its scream and shout, turn red in the face and then start shooting.

You know, if the entire world adhered to the 1st Buddist Precept, “Harm No Living Thing”….then there would be no more Days that Lived in Infamy (well…not man made ones).  There would also be a lot few dead squirrels on the roads of my home town…but more tire tracks where people braked or steered around them.

If you have a twitter account, I would ask that you forward this under the hashtag #terrorismsucks



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