Every patriotic Canadian should boycott Lowes….

Hey…look at me….being all upset and stuff over the actions of a large chain store…but after reading this article about how the Lowe’s hardware chain I can’t be silent.

For those disinclined to click the link, for several years Lowes has offered discounts to Canadian military personnel in several stores (conveniently located in cities with large bases).   Lowes announced that they are withdrawing the program as it was mistakenly offered to Canadian military personnel!  It was only intended for US Service personnel.

Wow…hey…what a way to say Frack You very much to what I imagine was a loyal customer base, and to an entire nation whose troops fought and died on the same battle field as those for whom these discounts were intended.

Don’t get me wrong…this isn’t about money.  As my buddy Gord just pointed out, “We’re talking about fewer people that would fit in a fucking hockey arena” He means a big NHL one, (a CANADIAN one),  not the one down the street from you…unless you live down the street from an NHL arena.   So, really…..in the end, how much money is that?

This is about respect.  What Lowe’s may not realize that they’ve said that  Canadians are second class citizens.  Now, a few of you who know me might’ve just blinked, because you know I’ve seen red when the Canadian media gets all flustered when some no name politico in the US says something bad about us.  This is different though.  This isn’t some moron trying to make his political stripes on us, or trying to deflect blame our way.  This is a company, doing business in Canada…that has just very publicly slapped us in the face.

The mere fact that they would extend an offer to their own service personnel and not offer it those in other nations whose troops are engaged in the same fights is a big enough slap in the face, but to do so, and then withdraw the program citing it as an error is an egregious insult that defies description.  This is compounded by the fact that it didn’t occur to anyone in Lowes management that this would be looked upon as an insult by many Canadians. Do they think so little of us…or do they think we hold ourselves in such low regard?

In the closing paragraph the Lowes spokesperson states that they will find a way to make it up to their Canadian customers.
No matter what they come up with…its too little, too late.

I’m really sorry for anyone who works at the Lowe’s stores, but I think, in light of this, every Canadian who is aware of this travesty who continues to shop at Lowes is doing those who protect us an injustice.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is to support a boycott.
The first 20 Canadian military people to email me a scan of a receipt for something they could’ve bought at Lowe’s from a Canadian hardware store in a city with a Lowes in it, I’ll send them $5 to make up for any extra gas they had to buy for the trip.

Slap my full name (as per the domain name) in front of an @gmail.com and let me know if you bank online or not (for an interac transfer) or give me your mailing address and I’ll send you a cheque.  Include your name, rank and unit (if you’re retired, your last one will do).





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