Invention Idea: Laundry Storage Device

I found myself in a bit of quandry this morning while getting dressed for work.

I had purchased a nifty new pair of socks on the weekend and I couldn’t find them.  After looking around the bedroom and in the dryer I decided I should ask my girlfriend if she’d seen them.

In case you  happen to be in apartment, they look something like these…

Colourful socks
My nifty new socks…

“Hey honey! Have you seen those nifty new socks I bought on the weekend?”, I called

Silence… I then turned to that most saccharine of affectionate names (just in case she liked that sort of thing)….”baby cakes?”

Growing concerned I went off in search of her.  My apartment isn’t that large consisting of 2 bedrooms, a bath/laundry room, a kitchen and a living room.  Having glanced in the second bedroom to see if perhaps she was on the computer listening to music with headphones (she wasn’t), I searched for her.   I went into the kitchen and saw that the dishwasher hadn’t been loaded.  I made a point to speak to her about this as this task has fallen to me in recent memory and I thought it would be nice if she had a go.  That left the livingroom so I checked to see if she was there catching the morning news or maybe playing Adam Wake on the XBox.

I got worried at this point and started checking closets…nothing but clothes (well boxes in the 2nd bedroom closet).  This left one place to look.  Under the bed…

When I looked under the bed I saw my nifty new socks, along with other clothes that I had thought long gone.  My girlfriend wasn’t there!

I thought maybe she went to work…I sat down and tried to remember what she did for a living that would cause her to leave so early.  It was then that I noticed that her side of the bed had my book and few other odds and ends on it.   Looking around further I noticed a distinct lack of female clothing.   I pondered further and decided that there were only 3 options here:

1) My girlfriend is a female cross-dresser who is exactly my size and has the same taste in clothing;

2) I am gay and my boyfriend is my size and has the same taste in clothing, or

3) I am single.

I was going to call my mom and ask,  as she tends to keep track of these things better than I do,  but instead I got out a copy of my lease….only my name.  I logged into my bank’s website and saw that I didn’t have any joint accounts.  A quick tour of the apartment showed that everything was exactly as I left it and my kitchen was organized exactly how I like it.

It suddenly dawned on my why no one had questioned those suspicious monthly charges on my credit card, and I hadn’t been nagged in years about leaving the toilet seat up…. I was single!

So, as I pulled on my nifty new socks I looked around at my clothes lying around and thought, “You know, there has to be a better way to organize these.”

Being a rather clever fellow I had a few minutes before work and set about designing a device to help store laundry in its various stages between being worn and being washed.  I’ve prepared some artist’s concepts…which look exactly like photographs  (because I’m awesome)

Now, don’t get too excited because I still have to prototype and test, so its going to be a year or so before these hit the market…but here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

English: PR Photo of the Exertris Interactive ...
Laundry Storage Prototype Device #1

Note the large flat vertical surface…perfect for draping several pairs of socks, or a top you don’t want to get wrinkled.

English: Workout room.
Laundry storage devices 2 & 3

The device on the left provides ample storage space across 2 levels. You can’t see them but bars to hang things extend from the upper shelf.

The device in the rear is a low foot-print, trendy item…I went more with form over function for those of you who like cool looking things that don’t really work that well.

Its going to be a tough slog but I’m hoping to have everything ready for market in Q1 2013  (that means the 1st quarter of 2013…I looked it up).

I’m really excited because I am going to freakin RICH!!!!

I might even have a girlfriend by then…and you know what means….that’s right….I’m going to get bitched at for piling my books and stuff on her side of the bed!


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