My dog is definitely pro zombie…

I finally figured it out… gently aging cocker, Shelby is pro zombie!

I should’ve seen it earlier. Shelby is probably the only cocker spaniel in the world who is afraid of water to the point that  when its raining and he’s coming down the back stairs to the door of my basement apartment to come in, he will wait on the bottom stairs for me to open the door so that he won’t risk accidentally stepping in a very small puddle that forms near the door.

That is a clear indication that my dog is weird.

Shelby: Pro Zombie Cocker Spaniel

Don’t let his good looks fool you….when the zombie apocalypse comes, there’s no question as to whose side he’s on!

I finally realized this after my 467th death in the XBox Kinect game “Rise of Nightmares“.  If you’re not familiar with the game, you run through this old mansion and whack zombies with stuff you find lying around (my favorite is the chain saw!).

The problem is that the more fun the weapon the sooner it breaks./r  <— I left that in so you can see the dangers of blogging while playing World of  Warcraft.

So, when the weapon is about to break, its icon glows red so you know to go find something else to hit zombies with before you’re bare-knuckling it.

Shelby is around 15 years old.  We got him at the pound in Cold Lake Alberta and there was some debate as to how old he was.  You, like many other people may be thinking, “Whaaaa…you named your male dog SHELBY??

Shelby had two speeds when he was a puppy….full and sleep.  He was named for this..

Image by Sherlock77 (James) via Flickr

To move in Rise of Nightmares you extend a foot in the direction you want to go (meaning forwards or backwards). To turn, you twist your torso in a fashion which I’m sure looks quite amusing (which is why there are no mirrors in my living room).

Shelby has some of the typical geriatric problems.  His vision is failing and he pretends to be deaf.  I’m thinking his vision isn’t really that bad because it seems every time my weapon turns red and there are a lot of zombies in front of me…just as I’m pulling my leg back to stop (or to go backwards) to avoid being massacred, Shelby will come stand in front of me.

The Kinect is an amazing piece of gear but it seems to have problems differentiating between a cocker spaniel and a leg, it therefore assumes that you want to charge forth with your broken weapon in a large group of slavering zombies.  Soon thereafter I’m breathless from all that punching and the “You Have Died” graphic comes up. and Shelby returns to his comforter, flops down and looks at me with that smug expression that people (and dogs) get when they get one over on you.

I can’t really say I blame him though.  Although my butcher, the vet, and various drive thru ladies around town all agree that Shelby eats better than most people, if I were a dog I would back up zombies too.  After all…a bunch of zombies milling about is like an all you can eat buffet to dogs…


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