You know what I hate?

The fact that most of the right wing, conservative, homophobic organizations out there work the word “Family” into their name or logo.  I forgot to add “Christian” but that’s really beside the point because while some of them have lots of references to their interpretation of the bible and other Christian ethos, their general reason for being doesn’t really have anything to do with Christianity….or an organization like the “American Family Association” would be the “American Christian Association”…or maybe the “American Association of Christian Families”.

The distinction is important because the name American Family Association implies that a family of gay Muslims would qualify for membership.  (note to self: 1) become a gay Muslim, 2) get married (to a man), 3) qualify for American citizenship 4)Apply for AFA membership   5) Sit back and watch the hilarity)

I saw this on twitter

Now…this is funny…apparently Home Depot is on the “wrong side of the culture war” because they support gay pride, so the AFA wants to boycott them!

Hey…”AFA”,  the 1970’s called….they want their prejudice back!

Seriously…with all the crap that goes on in the world, they’re wasting valuable air on missions like this.   I poked around their website and saw on “their list of accomplishments” that their “Naughty or Nice” list of retailers recognizing Christmas had over 1 million hits… many of those hits were people having a laugh?

You know what…as a faith, I have a lot respect for Christians.  I used to be one and I think I said somewhere in another posting that having faith is important

But, when you go inflicting your “morality” on others not only are you being a complete and total douche, but what you are saying is, “HEY WORLD!!! MY FAITH IS SO WEAK THAT IT WILL NOT WITHSTAND THE EXISTENCE OF YOU AND YOUR BELIEF STRUCTURE!!!!”

This goes for everyone.  Except for proponents of Coke over Pepsi…

You know what I’m going to do?  Tomorrow morning I’m going to go Home Depot and go buy a couple of hundred dollars worth of crap I don’t need…


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