I got hate mail!!!

Yay!!! Someone cared enough to track down my email address to tell me I’m a hater and should burn in eternal hellfire!

Now if  this was someone from the AFA or some similar group I would happily copy and paste it, along with my response, here.

But, the writer did have a point.  My “Family…” post may come off as being Anti-Christian.

I’m not anti Christian, anti Muslim, anti Jew, anti Fly Spaghetti Monster….anti-anything.  If that’s what you got out of it, and you were offended, I’m sorry, that was not my intent.

It illustrates a point that I’d like to make.  Some people care passionately about their faith.  Some adhere to a political party, some to a food product.

There are people who are even fanatical about some pop star or other musician.
This field is anomalous as here I firmly believe if the object of your adoration isn’t Florence and the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Lady GaGa, or Rage Against the Machine then you should burn in hellfire for an eternity!!
Just kidding, I’d be okay if they tied you to a chair and made you watch the golf channel for a couple of hours.  After all, I’m a sadist, not cruel…. did I mention that I have an eclectic taste in music?  Someday I will post my “Faves” playlist…it will give you a headache 🙂

Anyway…its okay to have passion about something as long as you know where the line is.

Long story short (I just highlighted a bunch of text and hit the delete key)

It shouldn’t matter to you what any one thinks about you, or your religion.

If someone wants to marry another consenting human adult…who cares what gender or race they are?   And if picturing them in bed together is grossing you out…stop picturing them in bed together moron.
Love transcends everything, and when shared is perhaps the most beautiful thing in existence.   When its reciprocal, it shouldn’t be denied….you might be screwing with kharma…and kharma has a way of screwing you right back.

If gay pride parades and or PDA’s (public display’s of affection) make you uncomfortable…don’t look, and if they happen to be in an unavoidable site line.  Politely interrupt and ask them to stop, don’t make a big deal of it.

What I’m saying is that if your church says something is bad…then don’t do it.   But you have no right to inflict your views who are not members of your faith.

That would be like someone from a completely different organization that then one I work for coming in and berating my boss for not letting us work from home, or at the very least let his Integration Guy come to work in slippers and a housecoat, because that’s how they do things over there….

…note to self…email link to boss…

If you want to send me hate, or any other sort of mail you can do so by replacing everything in the url past my name with @gmail.com


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