Vic Toews owes the victims of paedophiles an apology…

Apparently intelligence isn’t a requirement to hold the Minister of Public Safety in the Canada’s Conservative government.

Vic Toews,  the bright bulb who currently holds this position has proven this in his defense of the new electronic surveillance act that will soon be inflicted on Canadian citizens thanks to the 36% of Canadians who voted Conservative in the last election.

Mr. Toews has been defending the idea of giving law enforcement warrantless access to your online information and easier access to the data you are exchanging across the internet.    How has been defending it?

Reasonable debate?   Nope!

Fear Mongering?  Nope!

He tells people that they’re “Standing with Child Pornographers”

He is equating defending privacy rights with protecting paedophiles.

This is an odious and disgusting assertion and an insult to the victims of childhood sexual abuse everywhere.

Equating the political opposition of doing their job of questioning legislation of  supporting child pornographers is minimizing the crime of harming children

If you’re reading this Mr. Toews I just watched you accuse Evan Solomon of “ratcheting up the rhetoric” by using the term “support” when you said “stand with”.   Really?   Go to and look up “semantics”.

I’ve been thinking that maybe I need to move to a country with a more liberal government.   I might give that recruiter whose been after me to take a job in Dubai a call…


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