How’s this for a dating profile?

Well, its Valentines day…or was up until 9 minutes ago.

I was derailed by events and was going to post this instead of the preceding rant…

I was once told that I was too honest in my profile.   That everyone lies, so I should feel free to embellish as women automatically discount many things that are said in profiles.

So…this is what I came up with:


From a distance I’m often mistaken for Brad Pitt.  Once people get close though they see I am much better looking.

I’m a down to earth guy who likes spending his weekends either in the casinos of Monte Carlo or racing one his Lambourghini’s down the Autobahn in Germany.

I used to have a mansion in Paris, but I ended up giving it to an orphanage after my ex ended up marrying that Sarcozy guy….people tell me I’m overly sentimental.

The first thing I look for in a woman is intelligence.  After that, she should have no idea who Brad Pitt is,  not be able to tell a Lambourghini from a Buick Park Avenue, or the Autobahn in Germany to Downie Street in Stratford.

I look forward to hearing from you!

So….how does that look?


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