Whiteboarding can be fun!

I was tasked recently with coming up with a way to update our Omnicell User Access automatically based on the active users in our Meditech Hospital Information System.

Omnicell is an automated drug dispensing system.  Now, before you all get your hopes up and flock here with change in hand,  I’m not talking about a machine where you can insert change and it will give you recreational drugs.

It actually has a rather impressive set of safeguards to prevent that sort of thing.  But anyway…

I won’t bore you with why but the requirements make designing this system a bit complicated.   To hardcore programmers like me designing complex systems is sort of like heroin (not that I have any first hand experience).   You lose yourself in your code and the world goes away.

I had to jot down some stuff on my whiteboard because I knew I was missing something.   I got to the end of what I had in mind and I knew I was still missing something.

I realized that I was sniffing marker way too much because I wrote down the first thing that came to mind…

…yes I know I’m not following any flow charting convention…this is my version of a cocktail napkin!


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