Reasons I’ve used to avoid relationships…issue #1

“What if she rearranges my kitchen???!!”

I’m domestically challenged, but when I set out to prepare a meal,  the chef’s triangle is clean and orderly.   I feel I should be able to reach for something, and put my hand on it without looking.  Nothing drives me around the bend faster than finding things in my kitchen out of place.   I’ve fired cleaners because of it (after giving them 100 warnings).  New cleaners get a tour of my kitchen.  “Don’t move this,  leave this like that.  Yes I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I like it that way.”

I cannot fathom why the hell someone would think a sharpening steel should go in the drawer of the microwave stand that is about 15′ from where I prep.   Or why  “I don’t know what this is”  is a reason to throw something out.




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