3 Weeks later…

So,  this past Friday was the 3 week anniversary of Shelby’s passing.

Some people have been asking, so I thought to post an update here.

I still have tearful moments but the time between them grows longer.

I miss him.  Every fucking day I miss him.

Of my 2 cats,  Gus is the only one effected.  He hung out with Shelby and at times I had to break up the inter-species love fests.   Gus has become clingy and for the first time in his 10 or so years of life I’ve heard him purr.  Not much, but occasionally I’ll hear him purr when I’m petting him.

I don’t think Socks has noticed to be honest.

What’s interesting is that is in the past few days I’ve caught myself on the verge of buying Shelby treats.  I was in the pet food aisle buying kitty litter and cat food when I found myself selecting treats for Shelby.

Yesterday when I left Joe’s Diner,  I caught myself heading across the parking lot to the pet store to pick up the glucosamine cookies I always get him.

Interesting…ingrained habits that took 3 weeks to manifest again.

Outside of these bumps I’ve grown accustomed to him not being here.  The massive hole his passing left in my heart is still there and has been the subject of conversation with both my shrink and my therapist. I finally figured that out last night I think.  I need to digest and discuss with some people before I decide whether to post the results of my musings here.

But the short story is that I’m fine.   I’m able to function.  I don’t have to struggle to keep myself from running to pound and adopting another dog just to fill the void.

Thanks for caring,  and to all my friends,  flesh and virtual,  thanks for being there.   I’ll continue to make you laugh, and make you think and make you wonder if I’ve suffered brain damage 🙂




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