So last night I thought either my apartment had been broken into, was haunted, or I was having auditory hallucinations…


Last night at about 3am I got up to use the washroom. I thought I heard something.  A woman’s voice speaking softly.

I went to investigate.  The voice disappeared. I shrugged and went back to sleep.

This morning I get up early and wander to the computer to check on a render I started last night using a new method.  I walk into the living room and freeze,  I hear that voice again.

I think maybe I left my cable box on,  but the only sound device attached to it is the television, and its turned off.  But no, my cable box is off.

The voice disappears.

I sit down and check on the render.  I have 6 passes, one for each different light in the scene.  I open up Photoshop.

I hear the voice again.

I freeze, cock my head.  I close my eyes and relax (this makes you hear better).

Very faint…female.  Not my neighbour Deb, or her daughter Haley (I know its not Haley because she’s usually yelling).

I pick up one my computer speakers and hold it up to my ear.

Its my computer….

I go through my various tabs and find,  on a forum I was on when I was researching hardware choices for a rendering machine, an embedded video ad.   There is a 10-20 second pause between each replay.

So,  tonight I will figure out how to block those.

…and check my usage meters.

I’m on Rogers afterall…

I’d post the results of my renders, but I used my Faith Keller character and I neglected to dress her.

I’ve just loaded up Faith’s sidekick, Tosh.  Fully clothed.  I’ll post the render tonight.


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