Things I hate #1

So yeah,  I’m about to get into my programming for the day,  finishing up the Omnicell User Sync script in Mirth so I can alpha test.  I go to start a pot of coffee.

Come back to machine and see this….

I’d like to meet the designer who didn’t think to add a “not now” button. The restart later will pop up every 5 minutes or so. The problem too is that my laptop is encrypted. Which means that I can’t just hit restart and walk away to grab a refill or chat someone up. I have to wait until it reboots to enter my decryption key after it posts.

I would’ve upgraded to Windows 7, but here on my work machine I have a fair number of development environments that would have to be reinstalled.
That, and my boss took away my Photoshop license for someone who “needed it more” when I upgraded to the laptop.

Hey…here’s how I got the laptop.

A year or so ago I was frustrated at the number of interruptions in my work day causing me to fall behind in my primary projects. I started doing all my hardcore programming at home, at night, remoted into work through our VPN.

I asked him if I could work from home for an afternoon or two a week. He said no (that’s his personal bugaboo). I frowned at him fiercely with my best curmudgeonly anti-social programmer frown.

He said, “Hey, how’d you like a laptop? It’s got half a gig in ram!”

I’m so easy….


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