The lengths I will go to for my co-workers…

I do my level best to be there for my friends, family and co-workers.

Last Wednesday we had a gathering planned with the folks from the pharmacy to celebrate the completion of a large project.  There was pizza, and cake!

I had been trying to help a user with something,  but was having problems understanding the issue so I enlisted the aid of one of the experts who happened to be located at one of our rural sites.

It was a morning of back and forth with me presuming she didn’t understand what I was looking for, and her knowing I didn’t have a freaking clue.

So, just before lunch I got a hold of her by phone and we sort through the issue.

I hear some commotion down the hall and tell her that I have to cut the conversation short because there’s cake.

She says, “Oh, I hope you choke on cake!”

I promise that I will do what I can for her,  because I’m there for my friends.  I tell her I’ll see what I can do about getting video.

About to 2pm I get an email from her.  The subject line was “So no video huh?”  She complained bitterly that she was relying on that for her evening’s entertainment.

Not wanting to disappoint,  I quickly came up with a solution:

A depiction of me, choking on cake

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