Some 3D Art Stuff..

I’ve been playing with some new techniques.  My computer used to choke on Indirect Lighting Renders.  I installed a solid state hard drive last weekend and have been tweaking settings…and it works pretty well.

I need to beef up my computer and am contemplating a complete upgrade to a high end rig optimized for renders.

The following was done in Poser 9 with IDL quality of around 50.   I made the wall in Hexagon.  The Lights on the wall have an ambient value of 75.   There are orange balls set with ambient values of 45 and 50 above the scene for fill lighting.

I didn’t play too much with them…but I think it looks pretty good.  As always, I like to sometimes tell a quick story.   Tosh and Faith are characters form the Faith Keller graphic story I’mworking on…

Click on the pics for the full sized versions…

The orange ball is a little low on this one…but it is an idl demo


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