Everyone should be able to carry a concealed firearm…

…provided they meet a few simple requirements.

What got me on this rant?  I just heard that the University of Colorado was over ruled in attempting to ban concealed handguns carried by students (can you believe I initially typed “handfuns”?)

I think an armed citizenry is an awesome idea!  If I was looking at it from a purely Darwinian standpoint, then I would stop typing right there and hit “Publish”.   But look!  I’m still typing.

Yes.  I think you should be permitted to carry a concealed firearm with you where ever you go provided that you can pass the following tests:

First off.  You must past a forensic psych eval.  Sociopaths know how to game the system…so yeah  emphasis on forensic.

Next, you would attend an intensive 3-6 week course to teach you the following:

– basic fire arms safety

– infantry tactics and training (including intensive live fire training)
Many of the anti-gun control crowd seem to forget that shooting at someone isn’t all that easy.  Especially if they’re shooting back!

Combat is a stressful and confusing ordeal.   If you’ve got a bunch of untrained, inexperienced, armed citizens (students or not) and someone opens fire, there is going to be a lot of injury, death and tears.  With no guarantee that the actual gunman hasn’t slipped out the back.

One of the prevailing precepts of warfare that has survived the ages is that you don’t shoot at your side.  (or hack at them with a club,sword,frying pan or large rock).
Without uniforms, or a front line or something that tells you “the enemy is standing at point’s A,B and C,  and your friends are at points D, E, F” who the hell are you going to know who to shoot at if you weren’t a witness to the cardinal event?   And if you were,  how will the guys and girls who hear the gun shot and come running, pistols at the ready know that you’re on their side?

So to pass this phase you must excel in situation assessment,  target identification and marksmanship….all while people are shooting at you.

Okay…so you got this far…

Now you must learn close quarters, unarmed combat.

“Why,  this is about firearms, I can just shoot the bastard!!!” is what you’re thinking right?

Yes, you can,  if you have the time and wherewithall to shoot your target (after properly identifying him as a target) get within reach.  But then I have to ask…if he gets within reach, he’s obviously not shooting at you…so why are you trying to shoot him?  If you said, “Because he’s got a big knife!”  I would think that if you’re dumb enough to let someone with a big knife come within stabbing range when you’ve got a gun pointed at him then maybe you should just put the gun down and let Darwinian nature take its course.

The police warn people about arming themselves as they often see a weapon taken up for self-defence being taken away from the citizen and used against them.  The general rule of thumb is that criminals are bad-asses, and citizens are not.

Citizens are prone to things like morals, and fear.  A couple of years ago a friend of mine asked me if I could teach her how to defend herself.  I didn’t have anything better to do so I started by showing her how to throw a punch properly,  how to kick without breaking your toes and some other rudimentary things.

She picked these up pretty quickly and despite her being small, fast and deceptively strong I do not have confidence that she will be able to defend herself.   Simply because the most important lesson didn’t sink in….if you’re fighting for your life,  you cannot care one bit about your target,  you cannot let one drop of humanity stop you from doing what needs to be done.

Many criminals already feel that way about you…

Oh wait…I haven’t made my point…let me put it this way…do not expect a “Thanks for the gun!” card from the criminal after he takes it away from you.

So yeah…to pass this phase you must maintain control of your gun while someone is trying to take it away from you.  You must do this without shooting anyone but the attacker.  If you do shoot the attacker, you must repeat this test 10 times in order to ensure it was skill and not luck.    Good Luck…oh wait…I just said you couldn’t rely on luck.

Let me be clear here.  The situation I’m trying to illustrate above is that if someone starts shooting and random people draw weapons, then everyone is a target.  There are people who believed it happened in when Nidal Hasan went on a shooting rampage in Texas.  Those were military folk who presumably passed the certification tests I outlined above.

If that’s not clear enough for you, let me put this to you.   Let’s say you’re shopping in downtown Boulder, feeling safe and secure with your Sig Sauer 9mm nestled in its holster.  You hear shots coming from down the street and see people running.   You draw you pistol and charge forth to save the day!

You round the corner you see a lot of people with alot of guns.  None of them are in uniform.  None of them look insane.

Whose the bad guy?

The ability for ordinary citizens to  carry concealed weapons based on the ability to fill out a form baffles me.  In most places if a COP…you know, someone with training,  fails a periodic certification fire arms skill test,  they are not allowed to carry a firearm.

Many Americans tout that they are exercising their rights under their Constitution.  Yeah,  like if it wasn’t in their Constitution they wouldn’t have guns.   If you have more than one gun, and aren’t an avid hunter and you use that excuse…then its like me saying I like porn for its artistic merit.  At least have the balls to say  “I have guns because I like guns!”.

Of course in Canada we have very strict gun control laws.  Its still dangerous up here though because getting smacked in the head with a snowshoe can hurt…a lot!


4 thoughts on “Everyone should be able to carry a concealed firearm…

  1. I’ve nothing against responsible gun ownership. The key word there being ‘responsible’. Like, don’t leave you loaded gun where little Jimmy can find it and blow his head off, and don’t get drunk and decide William Tell has nothing on you.

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