RTOD: Vampires are vulnerable to having their debit card PIN’s stolen!

We’ve all heard the warnings about how criminal organizations will swipe your debit/credit card info, and record your PIN with a hidden camera.

Most of us diligently cover our hands as we enter our secret money code to prevent prying eyes from gaining the keys to our financial kingdoms.

What about vampires?  According to legend they can’t appear in mirrors,  or be photographed!  If there’s a hidden camera the keys being pushed will be plainly visible even if the hands aren’t!

Gloves would be a great solution,  but if you’re wearing gloves on a warm night every vampire hunter in the neighbourhood is going to be after you yelling,  “Hey! There’s a saavy debit card using vampire!!! Let’s gank him!” 

Of course, I’m not sure how wise it would be to rip off a guy whose body parts don’t show up in your video and has an account at Nosferatu Savings & Loan 


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