A New Friend…

This is from the OSPCA Adoption page

Meet Colorado.  She’s a 3 year old German Shepard/Collie cross and tomorrow after work,  she’ll be coming home with me!

As I’ve said previously,  I have been considering getting a new dog for quite some time.  In the past few weeks it was feeling more and more right.   Like the energy a canine companion brings into one’s life would fit right in.

I went to the Perth County OSPCA yesterday here in Stratford.

While I was interested in knowing more about a beagle named Maggie and Colorado the only things I had set in my mind for my new friend was that they get along with cats,  and that they could be left alone while I was at work.

I also wasn’t really interested in a dog that could easily find a new home.  I have the patience,  the fortitude and the resources to deal with a dog that needs a human willing to go the extra mile.

Colorado is at a foster home so I couldn’t meet her yesterday, but Barb, her foster mom was there so I had the opportunity to talk to her.

The message was the same from the staff and the volunteers who knew her.  She needed a forever home,  but her human had to be patient and relaxed…and dedicated.

Once I adopt a dog…that’s it.   She’s mine.  As I said in my previous post that even if it comes down to kidnapping Cesar Milan so he could help us that’s what I would do.   It won’t come to that of course, we have several very good dog trainers in town.   And I’m almost certain it would be less trouble to just book an appointment and pay them instead of trying to smuggle an unwilling dog whisperer into the country.

Anyway,  I met Colorado tonight!   She has some anxiety problems and doesn’t like being driven to the shelter.   I heard her coming down the street and was concerned a dog was in distress.

Once she was out of the car though she was fine.  I waited across the parking lot so Barb could bring her to me.   Colorado pulled the leash hard and growled as she approached me,  but I wasn’t concerned.

I ignored her and talked to Barb until,  after a few minutes she sat down quietly beside me. (Colorado, not Barb…Barb remained standing)

I talked to Colorado then,  giving her some attention.   She responded well.  Once I took the leash that dog wanted to move!  So yes,  she’ll need some leash training.   No problem there.  I’m stronger than she is…at least for the first few minutes 🙂

Barb and I talked while Colorado bolted around the off leash area,  investigating, running to and fro.  Within minutes she seemed relaxed and happy dashing to and fro.

I watched her interactions with Barb.  I was a stranger to her,  she wasn’t hostile or aggressive to me,  and she responded well to me so I was more interested in how she interacted with her foster mom (because that gives me an idea how she will respond to me when she’s familiar with me).

It wasn’t long into our visit that I made the decision.  Colorado is going to be my dog.

I’m picking her up for a visit tomorrow after work.   I’ll be able to see how she is on her own while I’m at work on Friday,  and I booked next Monday and Tuesday off so I can work with her (I do plan on getting up and leaving for an hour or so each morning though).

You’ll be hearing quite a bit of my adventures with Colorado I hope.   About the only thing that would ruin this is if there is bloodshed between Colorado and the cats.

But the cats have been around dogs,  and Colorado has been around cats.   So I think everything will work itself out.


3 thoughts on “A New Friend…

  1. this is awsome!!! yay Colorado!! she’s been through a lot for sure and definitely deserves her “forever”..I also know Barb personally and can say she could not have been with a better person to show her what love and understanding is while she waited for her new home!! Best of luck with her and enjoy the adventure 😉

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