PETA…hurry up and fade away already….and take the hot, scantily clad girls with you….

I’m not sure if PETA is stupid,  or if they think we’re stupid.   It really depends on whether or not they believe their own bullshit.

You’ve likely seen the pictures of the hot scantily clad women holding up signs supporting PETA.

Recently when Toronto’s Mayor,  Rob Ford had a public weigh in for some weight loss thing,   a couple of PETA girls showed up in lettuce bikini’s to try and foist some vegan treats on the mayor (who was having none of it).

Let’s look at this whole scantily clad woman publicity stunt thing.

PETA AsiaPacific Lettuce Ladies
PETA AsiaPacific Lettuce Ladies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So,  there are these women who will strip down to their skivvies and stand on a street corner waving signs because I eat meat.

Why the hell would that make me want to stop eating meat?    If I stopped eating meat, well,   then the girls would leave their clothes on.

That is operating under the presumption that I can be enticed by a pretty girl  (which I discuss here),   and that I don’t have an internet connection,  and don’t know how to use google, or any other search engine to find the location of nearby strip joints (most of which serve steaks, burgers and other things that used to be alive).

Personally,  I’m 46 years old.   I’m not bloody pathetic that a pair of boobs is going to sway my opinion one way or another,   and they most certainly will not get me to stop eating meat.

So yeah,  if their intention is anything other then getting attention that particular publicity campaign is a complete and utter fail.

Now,  when one thinks of what they call themselves  “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” you really have to wonder how they define “ethical”,   or  “people”,  or even “animals”.

Surprisingly there’s been little hue and cry over the fact that the State of Virginia recently published the kill figures of PETA’s “Animal Shelters” in that state.   Its beyond shocking…its fracking appalling.

The PETA website explains the reason for their policy here.    If you read the comments,  their tribe of followers support them,  and the rest of us are big meanies

If you read the article (the pictures are horrifying….likely deliberately so….to keep people from reading the article closely)  you will see the claim that they took in well in excess of the 2K animals reported in one year,  but in fact took in 10,000 animals to care for them and sent them on to loving homes (or something….what they claimed happened is really irrelevant….as they don’t provide records to back this up).

The fact that they more often than not….like more than  than 95% of the time would euthanize an animal within 24 hours of intake.   Because they didn’t want it wandering the street or something….does it really matter why?   Its pathetic,  its barbaric,  especially from an organization that decries activities that reduce animal populations SO THEY DON’T STARVE!!!!

If you read enough of their tripe you will run across the assertion that most of us buy our pets from disreputable breeders and puppy mills.

This is an interesting article about the State inspector’s report.

The PETA philosophy is their founder Ingrid Newkirk’s whacky philosophies on various things animal related are almost comedic.  But one of the most disgusting things she’s ever said was:

Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation.
— Ingrid Newkirk, Harper’s, Aug 1988

Newkirk obviously is so blinded by her self-righteous ignorance that she forgets that our domesticated animals were domesticated centuries ago.   Domestic animals belong in the wild just about as much as humans belong in caves.   But Newkirk thinks they’d be happier running wild….fighting for food,  fighting to survive…instead of sleeping on the couch in a climate controlled home being waited on hand and foot.

She obviously doesn’t get that dogs are pack animals,  and that they view we humans as their pack.  And cats…well,  does anyone really own a cat?   I have two and I’m pretty sure I’m at the bottom of the totem pole in their minds.

Its as natural as breathing……as a species we live together quite well….but because there are bad owners and bad things happen Newkirk thinks that domestic animals should be phased out.

It makes me wonder how she feels about human babies.    Human beings get abused all the time,  and there are a few bad parents out there.    Following Newkirk’s logic  people should be euthanized as well.

There hasn’t been a big hue and cry over the PETA Death Camps in Virginia.

I wonder why that is.

Maybe its because with all their shenanigans they really have no credibility as an organization.   The population at large views them as a non-entity.

What I’m saying is that it appears that PETA is irrelevant.

I’ve actually been planning this article for some time, but I posted tonight because its appropriate to do so.

My regular readers will remember how devastated I was when my beloved Cocker-Spaniel Shelby passed away.    I am not ashamed to say that I have cried over his absence in my life every single day since he passed.  I miss him terribly.

But,  that being said,  I noticed a few weeks ago that I began to miss him more.   I talked this over with Dr. N who suggested that it might be an indication that I’m ready to bring another dog into my life.

It is a huge decision and I pondered it,  but after a month or more of consideration I decided that yes,  it was time.

I went to the local Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals today  (hey…it was staffed by people….hmmmm people who have the ability to lay charges and rescue your animals if you don’t treat them ethically…..I guess that makes them people for the ethical treatment of animals).   I didn’t have any sort of dog in mind,  I’m more interested in making the connection.

I’d also rather not adopt a dog that has a good chance to be adopted quickly.    I’m far more patient then most people,  I’m very laid back,  and I have the resources to get my new friend almost anything he/she needs.   The only two hard and fast requirements were that the dog get along with cats,   and that I can leave her alone while I’m at work.  So why not give a dog a forever home when they otherwise might miss out?

Let me be clear here.  The choice won’t be made lightly,  but once its made…that’s it.   I will do whatever it takes to make it work….even if I have to kidnap Cesar Milan and bring him up here to help us.   No dog I adopt is going back to the shelter unless there really is no other option.

I walked through the kennels.  They only had 5 or 6 dogs.  Some I recognized from their website.    There was one guy I was going to ask about,  but he growled at me and backed away when I walked by his kennel.   He was a beautiful terrier but he was terrified of me…so sad.

I asked about one dog in particular from their website.   She’s in a foster home but happily,  the woman fostering her was there so I had an opportunity to talk to her.   I’m not going to say who,  but she sounds like a wonderful dog.   We’ve arranged to meet tomorrow night and I will say more then.

I know not all shelters are run like this one,  but the dedication the staff and volunteers had towards these animals was impressive.

And to think….if these animals had been turned over to a PETA shelter,  chances are good they would never have the chance to be taken into a loving home.

I will let you know how the meeting with my prospective new friend goes tomorrow.


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