Colorado! The dog, not the state. To be more precise MY dog :)

For the life of me I cannot think of why someone hasn’t snatched this darling young lady up before!

In the OSPCA parking lot she postured impressively!   I moved my car before taking her so she wouldn’t think that she was going back.   When I climbed out of my car you’d think that her intention was to tear my head off.

I was not fooled for a second!   🙂

She was a bit distressed as we pulled away,  but there were plenty of dogs about and she settled quickly.   I was expecting some jumping around on the way home and selected a route where there would be very little for her to see.   Hence a pleasant 5 minute trip home.

Of course until she realized we were at our destination.   She was excited and a little hard to control.   I made her sit while I got out of the car and called her.   I walked her up and down the street for a bit,  trying out different commands.

She knows sit,  and I’m pretty sure she knows stay…but she merely chooses not to.

My upstairs neighbour, Deb,  came out to say hello.  Deb is Bella’s mom.  Bella, is a hyper-active, joyful 2 year old Blue Heeler.

As I’m going to work tomorrow and Deb will be home part of the day I gave her my card so she could call me if she heard anything alarming.

I had Colorado sit while I unlocked the door.   I was impressed as it was obvious that she was making an effort to be good and sit…when it was the last thing she wanted to do.

I opened the door and saw that Socks was close by,  back arched and backing away.   I kept the lead on Colorado so I could control first contact.

Both cats calmed surprisingly quickly!

I took Colorado around the house and then let her off the lead so she could explore.

Canine and felines merely eyed each other and went about their business.

I sat with Colorado on the couch for awhile and let her settle in.

I’m very impressed with this dog.   Her foster mom, Barb,  has done a great job!  When offered a treat,  Colorado takes it daintily.  She comes when called and once she settled was actually pretty relaxed.

We’ve had play time in the back yard, which was an odd game of fetch the ball and then sniff all over the place.  (That was Colorado doing the sniffing…not me. Although I was doing a fair amount of fetching!)

She’s wandering around now. I’m half-ignoring her so I can see how she deals with it. Earlier, when she wanted attention she would cry. Now she’s being pretty mellow.

Anyway, time to sign off for a bit.

Here’s a video!


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