Addendum: Passive T-Shirt Okay! Annoying people and telling them they are going to hell..NOT Okay!

The other day I posted this about the jesus t-shirt wearing kid in Nova Scotia

This is hit the media in a big way.  Apparently his father pulled him out of school rather than subject him to the school attempting to teach tolerance and respect for others stating that unless the school returned to “Just the basics” (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic”) .

I feel sorry for the kid.   The basics leave you ill prepared for life.    You’ve got spell and grammar checkers to help you with the writing and calculators to help you with the arithmetic,  but those are pretty useless for getting by in society.

So,  some of young William’s schoolmates have been speaking out,  saying that he goes around preaching to people, and telling them they are going to hell because they will not witness to Jesus Christ.

Look behind you William and thou shalt observe the line that should never be crossed!  You have the right to free speech,  but you do not have the right to preach to those who aren’t interested.    If you cannot understand why you are offending people,  then perhaps you require broader education.

So, the t-shirt is the final straw to some of the people who complained.   Sort of like getting Al Capone on tax evasion…whatever gets the job done.

I fully support the right of free speech,  I however do not believe that freedom of speech extends to unwanted preaching or condemnation.

No one wants to hear that they’re going to hell.    Especially if its a constant in-your-face sort of thing.    Especially if you’re not willing to engage in debate and responding with more than “your hellbound!” diatribes when having your beliefs challenged.

To be clear:

t-shirt  Okay

aggressive “witnessing” to the uninterested or offended:  NOT Okay

Still waiting for you tell me how my life is wasted btw….


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