“If you can’t stand behind our troops you’re welcome to stand in front of them!”

I’ve seen this on bumper stickers and on forums in response to anti-military sentiments.

I have to tell you that I hate this saying.   While I understand the sentiment,  the implication is that anyone who does not support the military should stand between our soldiers and the enemy.

To be blunt.  It’s offensive,  and if you serve or served in the military of a free country then it should offend you to.

Simply put it implies that people are not free to express their opinions.   Well,  they are free to express their opinions,  but should they disparage our military then the speaker should stand in front of them in the line of fire.

The main problem I have with that is that one of the great things about being Canadian is that you can say whatever you want.  You can think whatever you want.  So long as you don’t try to incite violence or hatred.   Suggesting that those who disagree with you stand in the line of fire runs counter to that.  But of course,  you too are entitled to your opinion.

Here’s the thing that sort of sucks about being a soldier defending the freedom of your fellow countrymen.

They get to be free.   Even if they don’t like you,  even if they hate you and stand on a street corner and bellow out about how much they think you suck.

They get to do that without being whisked off to prison.   The freedom you put your life on the line to protect extends to them.    Ironic eh?

If you point out to them that they should be thankful you chose the life you did,  and willingly accepted a job that could get you killed defending their right to spout off their BS they will stare at you blankly,   or argue that no one has actually threatened our freedom.

Yes,  no one has ever threatened our freedom directly.   But if it weren’t for the men and women in uniform (I’m talking the military ones) how long do you think that would last?  (Please don’t give me that “The Americans will Protect Us!”  bullshit.  If we didn’t have a military we’d be the 52nd state (or 53rd…I don’t really pay attention to how many states are united).  So well, yeah, I guess they would protect us…we’d just have to sacrifice our national identity).

How about this?


One thought on ““If you can’t stand behind our troops you’re welcome to stand in front of them!”

  1. that issue has a lot of thorns – it seems that the first sign and yours are two sides of the same coin arguing who is on top, yet they each have respect for soldiers.

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