RTOD: A lesson from Voltaire for Rogers Communications

Rogers Plus, Markville Shopping Centre built b...

Voltaire once said,  “A pithy saying does not make it true”

Rogers once told me, “We strive to provide excellent customer service.”

Geez Rogers,  you could’ve at least tried to be pithy!


…sometime in the near future I will let you know why I am cutting the cord from a company I was so happy with that a year ago I declined a great deal on renting a house because they were outside of the Roger’s service area.

If you’re in the Roger’s service area and looking for alternative high-speed cable internet….  Start Communications

Twice the performance and 100 times the customer service at half the cost.   These people have good reviews all over the internet and after 2 months I can attest to the quality of service. (I have a 28Mbs plan with a 300Gb cap that runs $62/m all in (with a $5 modem rental)).   The Rogers equivalent is twice that.

But with Rogers you get the added bonus of bandwidth throttling,  automatic firmware upgrades to your wireless modem/router that wipe out your passwords and user settings (forcing you to wait for someone to post the new login details so you can go in and redo your configuration)  and of course crappy customer service and tech support.


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