Scam or Dating Bonanza?

I’ve been mulling over the dating situation for quite some time now.

Its been awhile…a very long while.   I’ve been caught up with my own stuff,  enjoying life,  but lately I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have someone special.

So,  I thought I’d try   A “Premium Dating Site”.

I have to say, these people are either very eager to get my credit card #,  or I am hot stuff!

I posted this picture…

The only picture in existence where I am smiling.

I just realized it has a torn afghan in the background…1 sec

Photoshop?! Never heard of it

So anyway…my phone starts chirping madly along with my incoming email alert on my PC.

So,  I think maybe there are places in the states where there aren’t many guys,  because there are some very nice looking women who are interested in flying all the way up here to be my girlfriend I guess.  So desperate for attention they even winked without reading my profile (well,  one of them did).

Whether is a scam or these are just some attention seeking clowns I really can’t say.

But,  I’d read that some dating sites have shill accounts my intention was to let my profile sit for a few days before signing up.    I’m not saying that the website prompted these women to do this.  I’m also not saying they didn’t.  I’m merely laying it out there for you to decide.

There are a few women from my area.   One of them might’ve emailed me…I don’t know because I have to pay to see who did.

And,  thanks to being flooded with spurious winks,  that’s not going to happen.

Maybe I should start going out to bars or something…I’ve always been the unconventional sort…


5 thoughts on “ Scam or Dating Bonanza?

  1. Just so you know, I met my hubby on! 🙂 This was almost 5 years ago though, so God only knows what a nightmare of scams it may be filled with now. I wish you much luck on your dating adventure! (Oh, and well done with the photoshop! I photoshop outlets out of pictures. Who wants to see an outlet?)

  2. I have also found love on and so has 2 of my coworkers.. 🙂
    And you know I would have winked at you and flown all that way.. mostly because you promised me a high end computer, but still! 🙂 !!!

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