RTOD: An Open Letter to Pedestrians from a Driver

Dear Pedestrian;

I feel it a matter of some urgency that I point out to you that the laws of physics are not somehow altered whenever you step out of your abode for a stroll.   I say this because with the start of the nice weather it seems that I have people stepping out in front of my car at inappropriate times every time I pull out of my drive.

My car requires anywhere from 10 – 300 feet to stop.   This will depend on a variety of factors such as speed,  at which point I see you step in front of me,  and,  if, having seen you,  I am inclined to stop.  Just kidding…I’d try and stop…promise!

I should also point out that I do not have x-ray vision,  nor do I have 360 degrees of vision.    What this means is that when you run out into traffic from behind an obstruction,  such as a parked vehicle  I will not see you until you’re in front of me.    Unless you have have xray vision you will not see me until you look to see what is causing that sudden pain as I accidentally drive over you because you ran out  2 feet in front of me in the middle of a block,  from behind a parked van.

There are dozens of reasons that would keep us drivers  from seeing you.   Weather,  if the sun is behind you,  or if its raining hard and you’re wearing dull colours.   Iif you’re hidden by the A, B or C posts (those are the things holding the ceiling of the car up),   or you coming running out of nowhere…or maybe the driver of the car you’re about to run in front of is distracted and doesn’t see you.

For survival’s sake,  make eye contact with the driver before stepping out.   That way you can be assured that they can see you,  because even  if you are legally and morally in the right,  you,  dear pedestrian,  are made of flesh, blood and bone.    My car is made of fiberglass and steel.    If we meet by accident,  while I might lose in a legal sense,  and would carry guilt with me no matter where the true fault lie,  the sad fact is that, overall,  you’re still going to get hurt,  and/or killed.

Have a safe and collision free summer!


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