The Harper Government is the most awesomest, superduperst government ever!

Yessiree folks!   Stephen Harper’s band of intrepid politicians is completely awesome and infallible.

So infallible that they’ve prohibited public sector employees from speaking out against the government!   They call these “duty of loyalty” but obviously they’re just saying that.  What they really mean is “so that other people don’t think we employ nutjobs who think we, and our policies suck”

It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that if people who work for the government start complaining about policy that other people might go, “Hey, the Harper Government isn’t superdooper awesome….they’re actually kinda stupid!!”.  After all,  the only reason to suppress criticism is when you fear it.   And the only reason to fear criticism is when its true!

Hmmm…”Duty of Loyalty”….

Does that mean public sector employees have to vote Conservative during the next election?

stephen harper
Industrious Beaver, symbol of Canada…worn out by trying to keep ahead of crazy policies (Photo credit: jacob earl)

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