Some websites I’m working on….

I’ve been fairly busy with creating some websites,  so I thought I’d share:  is where I will be posting some of my CGI art work.   The rule of thumb is that if I don’t mind my mom seeing it,  I will post it here.  is where I will be posting the saga of Faith Keller.  This will be a PG to R rated website.   There’s no nudity or violence there as I write this, but that will change.  So if you’re not 18 and aren’t offended by graphic novels with graphic violence and some adult situations feel free to check it out.


I am looking for help with that project.   Unpaid help…its a hobby 🙂

Professionally I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and reach out to other programmers,  so I’m still working on content for:


“HL7”  is the messaging standard used to integrate different medical systems.   I’m pretty good with an the Mirth Integration Engine and enjoy a minor reputation for being helpful within the Mirth community.


Of course I do have a place to post the stuff I wouldn’t want my mom to see. 😉





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