Colorado Update

Well,  its been over 3 months now since I adopted Colorado  🙂

Colorado is a wonderful dog and even though she still has the occasional neurotic spas moments, I haven’t regretted for a single second my decision to bring her into my life.

My friends tell me that its obvious that we love each other.    She’s settling in nicely.   I noticed that she preferred to stay in the kitchen regardless of what room I was in.   She’d come in every once in awhile to check on things or to get some attention,  but when she was satisfied it was back to the kitchen.   Lately though she now spends part of her time in the door to the livingroom,  or the livingroom itself.

With the help of Maxine at Damax Kennels I’ve managed to help Colorado settle down.   The last “problem” behaviour,  her screaming at other dogs while out for walks I finally got her out of last week!   A sharp “NO!” whenever she starts “talking”  or when she starts stressing.   No more push, pulling as she bounces around trying to get to other dogs,  screaming her head off as she does.   Now  she twitches a bit,  but is mostly quiet.   Progress indeed.

Even more progress in that this morning when I woke up,  she was sleeping with her head on my belly instead of bouncing around trying to get me out of bed so we could play fetch.  Of course once my alarm went off all that changed!

She has her favorite games,  both in the house and out.  Outside of course its fetch (so long as its not too hot).  Otherwise its “sniff the air”.  This confused me at first until one morning I saw a rabbit hop out of a bush.   Inside there is this big knotted rope that she loves to chase.   Maxine advised that I don’t rough house with her or play tug of war as she’s a stubborn dog and the latter will create control issues and the former…well,  I’m a big guy who can handle her,  but if she sees rough housing as a game she might decide to play with someone smaller who can’t.

I’m thinking I should start socializing her with other dogs.   She gets along great with people although she’s not to wild about letting people into the house (except my mom).

Anyway, a brief note.  I’ll try and upload some more pictures and video later!


When we met



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