Public Servants are EVIL!!!!

You wouldn’t know it to look at them,  as they seem quite normal,  but yes public servants are evil and a menace to society.

I draw this conclusion based on the fact that when times are bad every politician declares that they will “freeze public sector wages and slash jobs”.   They do this with the same vigor as a war time leader rallying his,  or her  people to fight for their beliefs.   Like they are squashing evil.

Of course there are many many people out there who think that we public servants are lazy,  overpaid, stupid and only here in our “jobs for life” because of the cushy perks.

Oh hey, wait a minute!  Did I just type “WE public servants”?!

That’s correct,  I did.  I work for a hospital,  which in Canada are mostly public institutions.

In Ontario  Tim Hudak,  the leader of the PC leader has been spouting off about bringing the public and private sector wages in line.  That “public sector employees should not enjoy salary and benefits greater than those who pay them.”.     There seems to be this thinking amongst some politicians and members of the public that by sheer virtue of the fact that someone works for the government,  that they should be paid less.

I fully confess that I make more than the average salary paid in Ontario.  Why is that?  Because I’m a greedy pig, intent on ripping off the Ontario tax-payer?  Or could it be that at at one point my salary and benefits were competitive  with the private sector for someone with my experience and skills?   I say ‘at one point’ because I am non-unionized.   The sector of provincial workers who have successfully had our pay frozen for a few years (and legislation is being passed to increase that for another 2 years).     There was a 2 year pay freeze imposed,  however unions and labour organizations successfully fought this,  gaining raises for their members.    Another 2 year freeze is being contemplated,  ostensibly because sufficient savings were not realized the first time round.

In the real world,  employees are by and large a valuable asset.   If times are tough,  wise senior management won’t run around and talk about how good it is that they are freezing or cutting your compensation package whilst implying that you didn’t really deserve them in the first place.   They won’t run to the media and complain about what poopy-heads you are for wanting to be paid fairly.  There are some notable exceptions to this,  but generally its not done.

When times are tough and belt-tightening must be done,  a good employer would at the very least,  take the time to thank the workers toiling in the trenches.

With the cost of living outstripping our salaries I can’t say its not about the money,  but a great deal of this is about the sheer lack of respect.

Are you listening Mr’s McGuinty and Hudak?    Instead of vilifying us,  how about saying thank you?


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