10 thing to never wear to a business meeting

I’ve decided to provide this handy list to help people avoid fashion disaster at the workplace.  This list presumes you work in a regular office environment with some sort of dress code and not someplace hedonistic, like Google (or so I’ve heard).

10.   An “I’m with Stupid T-Shirt”  (especially if the only person you’re with is your boss)

9.  A “Bee-Beard” (or anything else made solely of bees…or mostly of bees)

8.  A ball gag (or a gag of any sort…even if all your coworkers encourage this)

7.  A leather jerkin (I’m not sure what a jerkin is, so don’t wear one)

6.  A tie (unless you happen to be wearing a dress shirt)

5.  A polyester leisure suit  (even if your mom thinks it makes you look sexy)

4.  Anything with a plunging neckline (this only applies to men)

3.  A beer cup holder baseball cap (the jury is out on beer cup holder fedoras)

2.  A toga made from a paisley bed sheet  (unless you’re a Roman Senator and want the other senators to make fun of you)

1.  A tutu (especially a white one after labour day)


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