“I don’t hate them.”, Marsha

Here’s a follow up to my last post about protestors photographing people coming and going from a methadone clinic in London Ontario.

In a follow up story with the headline Picture-taking protestors vilified Marsha’s dismay at having the shit harassed out of her is evident.

She says: “I don’t hate on people getting methadone and I wasn’t taking their picture because I don’t like them. My problem was the city allowing a methadone clinic to set up without a (public) warning.”

So, a clinic is set up,  legally,  and Marsha and her cronies get all up and arms.  They start photographing the patients so that if there’s trouble they will know who the culprits are (or so they think….people on methadone don’t have to steal your stuff to get their “fix”).

This new, “I don’t hate them” comment is baffling.  If she doesn’t hate them why is she photographing and harassing the patients?!   Why not protest in front of city hall…the people who make the rules about who gets warned and who doesn’t.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…I implied it in my last post,  I’m going to say it in this one…

Girl,  you are stone stupid.


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