pt: Aviso de Troll en: Troll Warning
Here be Trolls! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who spends any time on tech forums are familiar of a long running feud between the loyal followers of various technology platforms.

Two recent pieces of news has brought these folks out in droves.   The release of Windows 8 and the news that the Samsung Galaxy 3 has outstripped the Apple iPhone in sales.  The first smart phone to do so since the iPhone was released.

These forums are filled with insults and derogatory language (“flames”) aimed at supporters of “enemy tech”.  I use the term enemy deliberately because these people operate with the ruthless loyalty of soldiers defending their cause on the battlefield.

Whether I  agree or disagree with these various posts has no effect on the impression I get from many of these forum trolls.

I wonder if they sit by their chosen tech and secretly,  in their heart of hearts regret their choice and secretly envy the other guy’s gear.

I believe it was Shakespeare who wrote,  “Methinks he doth protest too much!”


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