The Poppy: The Ultimate Pro-Peace Symbol

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day (Photo credit: Lauren Cathy Turner)

As Remembrance Day approached I read several posts in various places that stated that the ceremonies honouring our war dead was glorifying violence.

This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard.   I’m presuming that people who believe this presume that we thousands who attend cenotaph ceremonies are in fact honouring those characters who have died in video games like Medal of Honor,  or ummm… Ms. Pacman.

Remembrance Day is not about the glorification of war.  It is about REMEMBERING the dead,  those that suffered the ultimate consequence of war.   An annual reminder that war sucks by way of listing off sons and daughters who have sacrificed everything so dipwads can go around talking about how an activity that reminds us of those sacrifices is glorifying death and destruction without anyone kicking in their door and explaining it to them at gunpoint….or whatever despots do when offended.

Yes, we honour the dead in these ceremonies.  But look at it this way…..if you are fighting in a war,  would you rather go home alive,  or in a box,  eventually only to be remembered on one day of the year?  We honour those who fell to give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy today.

It has been said that with our growing immigrant population that some have family who died fighting for the other side and therefore may object to the ceremonies.

I do not see how this is even relevant.   People are permitted to believe, and say,  whatever it is they want.    It is the sacrifices made that gave us this peace,  and maintain it.   No one who enjoys the freedoms of living in Canada has any right to denigrate in any way our Veterans,  or our Fallen,  it is because of them that you are free.

Those who think the poppy glorifies violence need to remember that it symbolizes the loss of life (real, flesh and blood lives),  and the horrors that armed conflict brings.

It is the ultimate pro-peace symbol as it should remind of us of the stark reality of war.



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