Gangsters Apparently Really Need Nipples….

“There is always concern with organized crime if you have complete full nudity and there’s other concerns if you don’t, so we made this change that is a compromising position,” -Donna Harpaur, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Alcohol and Gaming.

You really have to wonder if some politicians listen to themselves while they’re speaking.

By the above statement, quoted in an article on,  apparently all it takes to keep organized crime away is to make everyone wear pasties on their nipples.

I’m sure this is good news for law enforcement.  They will save a fortune as they give up their bullet proof vests and expensive fire power for a pair of pasties.  They can now just walk in,  rip their shirts open and mobsters will quake at the sight of sequin capped nipples.   Just slap the cuffs on and take `em away.

Having watched The Sopranos in its entirety,  I’m very familiar with OC,   So it is with some authority that I say that so long as men are willing to come watch women who are 99% naked, and spend money on over-priced beer and lap dances that women having to wear pasties while dancing isn’t really going to bother them.   I will point out there that I’m going by what I see on TV…I really have no idea what goes on in those places.

But hey,  I might be wrong,  after all I’m a mere hyper-intelligent computer programmer so in all modesty I imagine that a “Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Alcohol and Gaming” must be smarter than I.

So in that light I say…

If those dastardly criminals give you a hard time,  don’t hesitate to bring out the tassels!


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