How exactly do you measure talent anyway?

“The most talented thing to come out of Stratford is Justin Bieber!!!”….

This /facepalm statement came via a chatroom I was in looking for information on how to beat a quest in Fallout New Vegas.   The question came up to the channel “So where’s everyone from?”.

I don’t know why I keep telling people I’m from Stratford Ontario because 90% of the time someone goes..”OMG!!!! DO YOU KNOW JUSTIN BEIBER??!!!”

Although the mischievous side of me often wants to say, “Why yes I do..”  just to see how far I can push things I’ve always said “No” and tried to change the subject.

In this case I guess the kid was a super-fan because they just wouldn’t stop asking questions.   Finally I typed, “Yeah,  sorry, not a fan.”

The resulting diatribe was actually pretty funny and I wish I would’ve logged it to share but alas, I didn’t expect hilarity to ensue on my quest to find out how to best get into Vault 34’s lower levels.

I did mention the cultural diversity of Stratford,  especially how the Stratford Festival draws big name actors every summer.   It was then that I was hit with the Bieber is the most talented comment.

Before I say more,  let me point out the following:

i) I do not hate Justin Bieber,  and,  as I’ve never met him I can’t even say that I dislike him…well wait….that changed when I saw what he wore to receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal….he was immediately inducted into my Douche Bag Hall of Fame.

ii)  I do not care for his music.  He has talent but IMO poor taste in music.   I find his music generic and his lyrics vapid (I don’t really care if he writes his own stuff or not)

iii)  I will admit that I am with music,  like I am with coffee.   A snob.

Music is religion to me.  It reaches me on a spiritual level.  I assign songs to different periods of my life (Blue Oyster Cult‘s Great Sun Jester,  Bob Marley’s Redemption Song),  I assign significant people songs that make me think of them (Dave Matthew’s Band  When the World Ends,   Florence and the Machine‘s What the Water Gave Me,  Burn Halo’s Dirty Little Girl,  even Garth Brook’s  The Dance,  to name but a few).
My point here is that I know music.   I know good music.  I have a very good ear for it (hit a wrong note, even as a single musician in a large orchestra, and I will hear it).

So let’s talk about talent.

I don’t think fame or music awards are any real measure of who is more talented than the other (unless we’re talking about marketing).

Case in point,  the cast of Perth County Player’s production of Godspell.   I have the privilege of doing the lighting for the show.   Last night,  opening night and my 5th viewing of the production I was sitting at the back of the theater at my lighting board and listening to a solo.   I thought about the talent that was up on the stage,  mostly from Stratford and pondered how to measure talent.

Here’s the thing…I think luck plays a huge part in fame.   You need talent to get noticed,  but the fact that you make millions doesn’t make you more talented than any of thousands out there.   I wondered how members of the cast would do if given the opportunity afforded Bieber.    Every member of the cast is far above average and a few are incredible.  I’m avoiding naming names,  but there are a few that have the voices for fame.   One of these talented folk has the powerful vocals to rival that of Florence Welch,  whom I consider my High Priestess of Music.    (heh, I’ll bet there are a couple of jaws that dropped at that comparison).

It is a truly amazing production.   Even after seeing it so many times I’m still enthralled.   It holds my attention for the complete run.  Remember that’s significant as I have ADHD and have problems sitting through an hour long tv show.

If you’re in the Stratford area between now and Saturday get a ticket and check it out.   You won’t regret it!   You can get tickets at Sinclair’s Pharmacy across from City Hall.   The production is in the City Hall theater.

This is my blog so I’m allowed to plug stuff shamelessly…..but every word here is the truth…this isn’t a marketing thing.

So in closing,   luck plays a huge role on the talented becoming famous.

That being said….does anyone have Usher’s number?   I’ve got some folks I think he should take a look at.


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