ISIS are lying bastards…

Seriously….its shit like this that makes me lose my faith in humanity!

First,  they say we won’t feel secure  in our bedrooms,  but hey,   when they start planning,   they talk about attacking shopping malls!

This leads me to question whether you just can’t trust a crazed jihadist to make an accurate threat,   or if they’re just so fucked up on their extremist bullshit they’ve mistaken the bedding section of Sears as an actual bedroom.

To be honest,  I was questioning their intellect right from the beginning.

History has shown us that power mad regimes that go around murdering people for not buying their particular brand of crazy are short-lived.   This is because of some human beings inability to take loads of bull shit without getting really,  really mad,  and then doing something about it.  This becomes a big problem when one of these people goes all Jean Valjean on your ass and starts an uprising.

Then there are other countries that can kick your ass.

So,  if I was a crazy fuck bound and determined to create my own state based on a wildly inaccurate version of a religion,  here’s what I WOULDN”T do…

If those other nations that could kick my ass were hmmm’ing and hah’ing over actually doing it,   I would kinda chill,  and reduce the pressure on them to come over and drop bombs on me.

If, say,  I had some stupid, fanatical British fuck make a video of himself executing a citizen of one of these countries,   and suddenly,  half the free world start shipping my enemies food, weapons and ammunition,   I might tell him not to do it again,  or I might make a video of me tying him to a chair in front a television that showed only Barney the Dinosaur re-runs 24/7,  and leaving him there.

I definitely wouldn’t let him do it again.

Seriously,  execute one hostage, and people are lining up to provide my enemies with material support.

What would I expect to happen if that guy executed another prisoner??

Seriously,  did ISIS think…well that didn’t work…lets execute another one and show the American dogs that we really mean business!

Oh yeah….definitely, absolutely,  never execute reporters.   Because you know….they write the news!

I’m not making light of the atrocities committed by ISIS.  I’m trying to demonstrate how fucking stupid they’re being.

And really….ISIS knows that they’re time is limited.


…why else would they wear masks?



4 thoughts on “ISIS are lying bastards…

  1. Most people in the Middle East don’t even believe that ISIS is even what it claims to be. The most popular theory is that they are a tool created by Saudi and/or Israel to stop Iranian expansionism in its tracks.

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