Stephen Harper wants NDP leader Mulcair to replace him as Prime Minister

As outrageous as this sounds,  its the only thing that makes sense.

Recently, the bastion of early 20th century ideals of law and order..sorry, I mean LAW and ORDER,  The Harper Government, demonstrated exactly how much they respect the law of the land.

The leader of the Federal Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau gains popularity pretty much any time someone on the Harper Government mentions his name.

As we approach our next federal election,  Harper and his gang are showing signs that they really are worried about the Liberals.

In the past,  they’ve launched attack campaigns using media footage.  The media recently came out and said that they weren’t really fond of that,  and they wouldn’t run any campaign advertising using their footage,  without their permission. The implication was that such permission wouldn’t be forthcoming.

This would make the Conservative plan to use footage in a less than flattering light run afoul of Canada’s copyright laws.

That didn’t pose much of a problem, for the Harperites.  If the law gets in your way….change it!

Essentially,  The Harper Government saw that the laws put in place to protect intellectual property were in the way,  so they decided to give the proverbial middle finger to the media,  and changed the laws,  giving themselves permission to use (formerly) protected intellectual property.

Of course, you may ask, “Why would the media run these ads?  They could refuse, right?”

Nope,  election law states that they HAVE to run these ads.

With his plummeting popularity,  Harper is now encroaching on territory that is near and dear to his base supporters.  Law and Order.

How can someone who feels that such things are a priority trust a political leader who,  when impeded by a law, is willing to change it to further his own selfish goals?

I find it hard to believe that the Conservatives don’t realize this.

The only logical conclusion is that in a fit of childish rage, they’re seeking to sabotage the big meanie, Justin Trudeau,  because he knows how to connect with Canadians,  while theirs attempts to do so by holding kittens and wearing sweaters.

They’ll do this by slamming Trudeau,  and throw the occasional shot at Mulcair (for the sake of appearance).

The NDP is third in popularity, the Conservative plan must be to propel them to first.

Besides,  who wants to vote for a party that spends the majority of their time telling you why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy,  instead of focusing on why you should vote for them?


One thought on “Stephen Harper wants NDP leader Mulcair to replace him as Prime Minister

  1. Damn freaking right! Yeah all they (conservatives) do is talk about why we shouldn’t vote for the other guy, meanwhile never telling us why we should vote for them!

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