Hey Harper, Where’s our Budget???

Has anyone noticed those radio ads where Harper talks about how awesome it is that he’s giving tax breaks to families and that ‘some politicians” want to take them away?

I’m not even going to mention that experts say these tax benefits will only help the rich.

What I will mention is that he’s prattling on radio spots that reach millions of Canadians on their daily commute, about how he’s going to tax them less,   but he completely glosses over one important fact.

The Harper Government has NOT TABLED A BUDGET!

I know these radio spots are short,  but if you look at everything else coming out of the Conservative Party campaign machine, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything about the budget.

It’s more important for them to protect us against imaginary terrorists by stripping us of privacy rights

Its also more important for them to identify those pesky brown people (or lazy white people (whities)..its hard to tell) as the reason the Temporary Foreign Worker program is bad (or good…its hard to tell)

Even more important is that Harper has placed a priority on speaking out against anti-woman culture,  by telling women what they can’t wear.

This sparked an hilarious twitter hastag #dresscodePM

You have to wonder exactly why he’s not airing radio spots about these issues,  as they’re obviously very important to him.

But wait…remember way back when he aired all those “Economic Action Plan” ads….the ones where the disclaimer at the end of the spot pointed out that the plan being advertised hadn’t been approved by parliament (yet).

At this point,  I’m thinking that this guy would make a better PM than Harper….cuz,  you know…he’s upfront about being a dick.