#RFO LifeHacks

If you use the internet for anything except porn you’ve likely see an alarming increase in blogs and article giving you lists of “Life Hacks”,  usually telling you about new and wonderful ways to use everyday items to improve your life.

Actually,  there may even be Life Hacks for porn.  I wouldn’t know anything about porn sites.  (You read that on the internet, therefore its true!)

During a wardrobe change at a performance of The Perth County Players production of The Pink Panther Strikes Again,  a fellow cast member, Shawn Harvey, commented about how someone had actually listed leaving shirts partially buttoned up so you could put them on like a sweater as a “Life Hack”.

We both laughed as this was, to us,  very obvious,  and not really a “hack”.

As a real life, honest to god hacker (in the traditional sense),  I won’t go on a diatribe on how society at large has stolen the term “hacker” and diluted it.  (You’re welcome. :))

But,  I think that #RFOLifeHacks should be a thing.  (The R stands for Really,  and the O for Obvious).

Here are some RFOLifeHacks to get you started:

You can save tons of time (and water) during your daily hygiene routine by washing both body AND hair during the same shower!

You can stretch your clothing budget a lot farther if you wash your clothes instead of just buying new stuff when the ones you’re wearing get dirty!

Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle by ordering delivery instead of take out when you don’t feel like cooking!

In order to purchase goods and services with cash,  you must first acquire money.

Post yours in comments or on twitter with the tag #RFOLifeHacks!



2 thoughts on “#RFO LifeHacks

  1. I find it hard to drink enough water every day, especailly on these hot summer days, i suggest putting the water in a glass or cup (bottles also work). This works for most liquids as well.

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