We know your justifications for fat shaming are BS excuses for your prejudice

I read a story on the CBC news site with the headline “‘Fat Guy’ cycling across country to lose weight and keep wife”

You can read the story for the details,  while I’ve got loads of respect for the guy and applaud his efforts I want to talk about some of the comments left by readers.

Some are very supportive and encouraging.   In fact over the years I’ve seen that positive comments are more prevalent on stories like this.

Naturally the fat shamers must put in their 2 cents worth.

One frequent poster said that lazy slobs who over eat and don’t exercise disgust him.

I replied and asked him if he meant all over-eating lazy slobs, or just the fat ones,  or maybe he just meant fat people in general.

He hasn’t replied yet..

I’m going to post another comment from the user Watchingtext and my response to it here as I think I’m made the message from the blog title clear..

You can view the original thread here

Original Post:

Some people here defending the obese saying they don’t eat more than others, they are not lazy, etc. etc. (I’m wondering how they would know this).
Here is what we do know: When obese people eat right and exercise they lose weight. There is no way to put on several hundred lbs without overeating. I applaud this man for changing his life and taking on this challenge, but please people stop defending fat like it’s a badge of specialness.

My response:


You seem to think that “eating right and exercising” is easy.

Its not. Many of us, myself included have emotional issues around food.

Telling someone with food issues to simply eat less is like telling an alcoholic to drink less in a world where..

– they need to drink alcohol every day to survive
– where “healthy” alcohol isn’t as tasty as bad alcohol, and bad alcohol is usually easy to prepare, and lines the shelves close to the check out in almost every store.

No one is defending “fat like its a badge of specialness”

What people opposed to fat-shaming object to is that some people (I’m presuming that you’re one of them) measure our entire value to society by our weight.

These same people will look at a person who is skinny due to serious mental health issues such as substance abuse,  anorexia or bulimia and see them as being “healthy”, while at the same time, seeing someone who is larger, who eats right, and exercises every day as “a lazy slob”.

Here’s the thing with all that…

Judging someone’s character and value to their society purely by their physical appearance casts you in a pretty bad light.

Yes you can say, “Oh, I care about your health!”, or “I don’t want you taking up healthcare dollars!”

We know you’re FOS when you say these things to justify your prejudice.

And here’s a word about costing “healthcare dollars”…

You would never say it when you looked at a stranger who wasn’t fat who smokes 10 packs of cigarettes a day.

You would never say that to a high performance athlete or adrenaline junkie who participates in extreme sports.

You would never say that to some stranger who you don’t realize drinks and drives.

So spare us your spurious justifications.


One thought on “We know your justifications for fat shaming are BS excuses for your prejudice

  1. Try taking the cocktail of medications I’m on that ALL list weight gain as one of the main side effects. I’d rather be able to live my life and control the mental illness symptoms than be thin. Oh, and by the way…big guys are very sexy, cute and cuddly and always my personal preference 😉

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