A salute to single parents every where

This is a salute to every single parent, or anyone who looks after a small child by themselves….

I have a god-daughter.  Kay.  She is two years old and the epitome of the terrible twos.

By terrible I mean she is a little dynamo who enjoys climbing, disassembly,  putting things in other things (by force if necessary).   She also has this thing for running around waving broom and mop handles around.

I love her to pieces 🙂

Her mom needed a break so I suggested that I take her for a whole weekend.

“Are you sure?”,  mom asked several times,  like she was asking if I really wanted to stick my honey covered hand in a hive of wasps.

I assured her that everything would be cool.   Kay and I have a bond….I can handle anything she throws at me.

Oh boy…

I’ve just put Kay to bed (or rather her room….getting her to stay in bed would require things unethical and illegal) for the second night of her solo visit.

I just texted her mom and said, “You do this everyday, mostly without any help, you are freaking awesome”.

I mean it.

To constantly be asking yourselves:

“What was that noise?!”
“OMG, she was here a second ago!!!”
“What’s that she has in her hand…omg how did she get that??!!!”
“What’s that smell?!”
“Oh good, she wants to sit and watch tv….oh no…there she goes again!”
“Did she eat, or did she give it all to the dogs?!”

In addition to that you must have:

Precognition…the ability to predict things that will go wrong
Reflexes that would make a nervous cat jealous
Hyper-Vigilance…oh yes…hyper vigilance
The stamina of an elite athlete

and most of all..

A deep well of patience, and an ability to see humour in things that would drive other people around the bend…

24 hours to go, and I hand her back to her mom….I’m looking forward to seeing the reunion and some peace and quiet.

But I’m also looking forward to her next visit 🙂


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