Good-Bye 2015, and Good Riddance

We are standing on the cusp of a new year.

2015 is hopefully the end of a string of bad years.

I’ve made bad decisions.

I’ve forgiven, when I shouldn’t have.

I stuck with it, when I should have walked.

My intentions were noble.  I was working towards The Greater Good.

But in the end,  I was sucked dry and discarded.

It took years of therapy,  but I finally saw it.

I had to see myself as important too.

If I didn’t,  I would end up being consumed.

This is not a New Years Resolution,  this is simply my new reality.

I will continue to act with Kindness, Wisdom, and Compassion.

I will continue to seek to make a world a better place, through these actions,   and through my ability to make people laugh.

But,  keep in mind one thing…

My name is David Rothbauer.

When the chips are down,  and the feces hits the fan,  you can count on me to step up and lend a hand.


Fuck with me at your peril.

Happy New Year!  (no, I really mean it!)


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