In my last post  I talked about how to tell if an apology was genuine.  I talked about the ‘non-apology’  where someone apologizes about how you feel,  rather than what they did.

I’ve come up with some examples:

“I’m sorry you got blood on your shirt!”

instead of:

“I’m sorry I mistook you for a mugger and punched you in the face officer!”

“I’m sorry your girl broke up with you!”

instead of:

“Sorry I told your girl that those panties didn’t belong to me!”

“I’m sorry someone stole your identity and ruined your life.”

instead of:

“I’m sorry I told your security software that the game I downloaded was okay and to let it install.”

-and finally (for now)

“I’m sorry you’re doing 20 years in a Turkish prison.”

instead of:

“Sorry I tried to hide all that cocaine in your carry-on!”




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