So I had a Heart Attack

Monday morning at around 3am I was  jarred from sleep by severe chest pain.
It was sharp and burning… Not the pressure one expects with a cardiac event.
For years I would get chest wall pain (costal chondritis)  when anxious,  and I thought that’s what this was.
Nothing worked to relieve the pain
I have a very high tolerance for pain,  so 3 hours later when I realized I was whimpering I dialled 911.
Very surreal doing that.
I was rushed to the local ER.
As they ran tests,  I over heard someone say,  “The cath lab in Kitchener can take him right now.”
I thought “Poor bastard.”
Then the doctor comes to me and tells me that I’m the poor bastard.  He put it differently.. Telling me that I was having a heart attack and was going to be taken to St.  Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener for an angiogram.  A procedure where they look for blood clots and remove them..
The pain was incredible and not alleviated by morphine.
They found the clot and got rid of it and put in a stent.  Ive been virtually pain free since.
I spent a day in the ICU there before being transferred back to Stratford where I’m currently incarcerated on the telemetry unit.
I say incarcerated because that’s what it feels like.
I cannot leave my bed space because I’m on isolation precautions on account for my pneumonia.
Oh,  I have pneumonia.
Those who know me will know that being in a situation where I have to rely on others is driving me nuts.
I miss my dogs terribly,  but I know they’re okay,  I have friends looking in on them.
The biggest thing moving forward is the massive adjustment in attitude and lifestyle that will be required.
I’m talking more than just being healthy and active,  but becoming comfortable with the idea of letting people know when I need help,  especially when I’m vulnerable.
Since this has happened the out pouring of love and support has been wonderful,  so much so that I was brought to tears several times.
So,  yet again I am reminded that I am not alone,  and that I am loved.
I’m typing on my phone,  so it’s hard to say all the things I want to.

In fact I’ll sign off for now.

Don’t worry about me,  I’ll be okay.