Is the quality of Game of Thrones Episodes Slipping?

People were asking me if I was excited to be starting a new job, and a new chapter of my life on the 20th of June 2016.

I told them I wasn’t.

I was too busy being excited over the Season 6, Episode 9 Game of Thrones episode “Battle of the Bastards”.   Seriously,  I was very excited!


This is the first season of GoT that has gone past the books.

This is the first season that I recall where there were serious criticisms of some of the plot lines.   Complaints of bad writing.  The most obvious of these was where the whole Dorne plot line was utterly destroyed by who ever wrote the televised dreck.

I haven’t heard anyone complain,  but there was a scene in Battle of the Bastards that was so predictable, and poorly done that I actually groaned.   In fact, if it had been the opening of Season 1, Episode 1,  I likely wouldn’t be an avid fan of the GoT series.

I’m talking the confrontation between The Masters and Daenerys atop her pyramid.

It fell apart when her dragon Drogon flies in.  There’s a big dramatic part where he flies around all intimidating,  then this part where Daenerys clumsily climbs atop him to ride of to destroy the invading fleet.

What followed was a predictable few minutes of dragons putting the fleet to flame.

Order was happily restored when Tyrion started talking, taking our attention away from the “oh look at the cool dragons” sequence.

Seriously,  it was predictable,  and kind of terrible in a story telling sense.

When The Mother of Dragons struggled to climb aboard it just set the whole thing off on a sour note.

If I would have had anything to do with setting up this sequence,  here’s how it would’ve gone…

Dany would tell the Masters that she was actually there to discuss their surrender.

Cut to the Wise Masters looking amused.

The smarmy head guy would turn to her, and finger raised would open his mouth to respond…

His eyes would widen in shock..

Camera would widen to show the similar expressions on his compatriots faces….all starting to gradually look up.

Cut back to Team Dany,  with her three dragons doing a formation fly past

Wise Master flinch when they roar…

Maybe 15-20 seconds of them watching their fleet being destroyed

Cut back to Dany who says, “So, about your surrender?”

It likely would’ve been cheaper to shoot, and in my opinion a much better scene as far as story telling goes.

Sometimes less is more…