Telus Made Me Cry

Its been a rough few weeks for me.

On October 30th I had to let Colorado, my beloved Queen of Spazmania go. She went months after her cancer diagnosis of being her normal spazzy self, but the weekend before she went downhill so fast.
That Friday I bought her a new leash even…that’s how quick she went. 😦

Then on top of that, my friend Brandy, a woman who I loved like a sister passed away suddenly on Nov 19th.

I was devastated, and have had a hard time dealing with things.

A couple of days ago I sent my wireless provider, Telus, an email asking to cancel the phone she had on my account, explaining that she had passed.
I acknowledged in the request that I understood that I was still responsible for the device balance of several hundred dollars.

This afternoon I received a response from Michael from Telus.

I was with my friend Holly, about to climb in the car in a Tim Horton’s parking lot when I read the response.

When I read it, I managed an “Oh my god”…I started crying and it was a bit before I could compose myself to tell Holly what was going on.

She too started crying and I think we made quite the spectacle hugging and bawling.

Most people bitch about their providers…but this is not the case.

Michael informed me that Telus was waiving the remaining device balance on Brandy’s phone as they understood that it was a difficult time for me.

The simple kindness of the gesture was overwhelming, but so welcome.

I don’t have the words…except Thank You!

If my comedy career ever takes off and Telus needs a spokesperson, I owe them a solid.

For those of you who don’t know. Brandy is the woman in the picture. Colorado is the collie-x on the right.

My Great-Dane, Kharma is taking the loss pretty hard too.