The Best Super Power Ever!

Whenever you ask someone what they’d pick for a super power if they had the opportunity you hear answers are things like the ability to fly, super strength, the ability to heal, etc. etc.

Until recently my choice would be the ability to heal others (I was a medic for most of my adult life after all),  but that’s recently been supplanted by what I think would be the most awesome super power ever.

Imagine being able to use the video game capability of being able to save your game in real life?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?!!

Imagine, just before you drive to work, you do a quick save, then drive at double the speed limit…exhilarating, fun, dangerous and illegal as hell.  Get into an accident, or get a ticket…revert to your saved game..and in the next play through you know where the cops are!

You could tell your crush, boss, co-worker, neighbour, or anyone else exactly what you thought of them, and if it doesn’t go well, revert and you’re back safely at your last check-point with friendship, job or whatever intact!

Money wouldn’t be a problem either. Quick save, head off to the casino, or just buy a lottery ticket.  When you know how things play out, revert to the last check-point and you know what the winning numbers or hands are!

About to get married?  I’d recommend a manual save point over a quick save at this point.  You might have to revert to an older save game to undo the damage of a bad move here.

Hell, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting old either,  if you’re willing to keep re-living the past couple of decades.


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