RTOD: Stupid things I’m afraid of

  • That the person I’m talking to can read my mind
  • That my future significant other will rearrange my kitchen
  • That a chunk of frozen blue toilet ice will crash through my roof and kill me the day after I win the lottery
    • I’m not at all worried about it happening before for some reason
  • Being around ppl
  • Not being around ppl
  • That I’m that guy who thinks he’s popular, but really isn’t

Kharma is Weird and Wonderful

There is a Buddhist meditation that helps you pass on your good Kharma to someone else. I forget the name of it, but a few years ago when I first started meditating I did that for a dear friend who was going through a very rough time.

The other night I tried meditating for the first time in a long time. I remembered my passing on my good kharma, and, as things haven’t been so great for me, I tried to pull some of it back.

My friend and I have not spoken in years, but I know from mutual friends commenting on her posts that her life is much better.

The next day, through a series of events I won’t get into, I was two hours late getting home…or getting close to home.

As I was approaching the back road I usually take home (Vivian Line 37 for those familiar), I passed a car buried to its axles in snow. I looked back thinking I should stop to help.

I ended up missing my turn, and quickly pulled onto the shoulder to do a u-turn. A very icy shoulder it turns out and I too ended up mired in snow.

It took two hours before a tow truck came by and hauled me out and sent me on my way.

It was a clear cold night.
I had to pee, and decided to walk some distance from the car. I wasn’t sure where the tow truck operator would have to go, and didn’t want to pollute his workspace.
I sat in the car in silence. My musings interrupted several times by people offering to help.
I thanked all of them, and explained I had a tow coming.

So yes, and interrupted night where I was 4 hours late getting home.

A couple of days ago it occurred to me that the disastrous night occurred immediately after I asked for some of my good kharma back.

I was going to chuckle at the irony, but then things occurred to me.

It was a cold, clear, but beautiful night. I stared at the stars until I started shivering.

I didn’t play with my phone, or the radio. I sat in silence, taking the opportunity that was forced upon me to do some quiet reflection.

7 or 8 people stopped to see if they could help/I was all right. While yes, they interrupted my reflection they restored my faith in humanity. There are decent people out there.

Speaking of decent people both my friends Gord and Denise stood to without hesitation when I called for help. I know that any number of friends would’ve done the same. So I was reminded that even when I’m surrounded by vast cold, dark countryside…I’m not alone.

So it turns out that the inconvenient, time consuming incident wasn’t kharma chastising me, it was a gift.

RTOD: Ending a tech support email to a user

If you work in tech support,  or any customer support function,  you might write emails like this:

Dear User;

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.
We have resolved the issue.

Please let us know if you require further assistance.



Has any one ever been tempted to type

You’re Welcome,

RTOD: Other Drivers II

Some more questions I would like to ask, or things I would like to say to other drivers during my daily commute:


Seriously,  why did you speed up while I was trying to pass you???  I know you fricking well increased speed because I had my cruise control set!


Thank you so much for coming to a complete stop in the travel lane,  and then proceeding very slowly into the vacant left hand turn lane!  Seriously,  thank you!  Oh look,  that light half a block away is red now!  Yay!


Where did you learn to apply make up and drive at the same time?  Oh wait…you didn’t….


WTF is so interesting over to your left that you have to slow down and look????  Oh hey, now you have lots of time because we missed the light!


Wow,  thanks for giving me the opportunity to closely examine the grill of your pick up truck in my rear view mirror.  I know that from your aggressive driving that you are probably a world famous heart surgeon who is the only doctor on the planet capable of saving a small child and therefore really need to go faster,  but there’s only so much one can do when stuck in a line of traffic over a kilometer long!   Oh,  btw,  you can’t see my tail lights…


No,  it’s okay….I’m perfectly happy to wait here at a green light while you look at your phone.


MIRRORS!!!!  Look in your fricking mirror, or do a fricking shoulder check before making a lane change into what is usually referred to as the FAST LANE!!!!!  AND WHY THE FRICK DID YOU SLOW DOWN????   There isn’t an intersection in sight,  and you change into the fast lane and SLOW DOWN!!!!   Good thing my brakes work….and I was paying attention.


I’ve probably done some stupid things too….you can post them here if you’ve seen me do them.  I drive a  [static][garbled]

RTOD: Other Drivers…

Hey, it’s been awhile since I regularly drove any distance,  but since starting to commute over an hour each way there’s a question I keep asking….

Is ‘Keep right, except to pass’  still a thing?

Because I’m thinking it’s more

Drive in whatever lane you want, even if you’re driving slowly,  right beside another driver whose driving just as slowly!’ 

featured image: www.fairalbertaroads.ca

My Bucket List….

Every now and again you’ll hear people talking about their bucket list.   Things they want to do before they die.

I’ve never really had a bucket list.   It might be a Bi-Polar/ADHD thing, but there are things that I’ve really wanted to do,  obsessed about really,  and then,  a few seconds/minutes/days later I’ve completely forgotten about it.

This included things like learning how to ski so that I could do this.  (I’ll stop typing for a bit so you can stop laughing)

The other day I wasn’t watching where I was going and ended up kicking the bucket…well the pail.    As I put it back in the closet I started thinking about bucket lists.

So,  in no particular order,  this is what I came up with:

Rule a small country

There are a lot of attractive things about being the supreme leader of a small country.

I was initially thinking the country should be in a warmer climate.  The thing I absolutely detest the most about winter is the time I have to take to clean snow off my car and scrape ice off the windows.  Then it occurred to me that if I was the supreme ruler,  that there’s a pretty good chance that I’d have someone to do that for me….or a garage.

Then,  as the supreme ruler,  I could go completely insane and no one would ask me if I was off my meds.    I could dance around naked and not worry about my neighbours leaving me notes asking me to please for the love of all that is holy to close my curtains.

Hell,  I could decree that everyone dance around naked,  with their curtains open.

Then there’s the bonus of being able to wear a fancy uniform with lots of brocade and other trimmings!

Of course,  if I ran a country and didn’t have to worry about elections or what other people thought,  I could ban things that piss me off like poverty and injustice.

No, seriously,  I would do that.  For real.   In all the insanity and hijinks I would absolutely decree that security of person, shelter and nutrition were absolute David Given rights.

Find out why Angelina Jolie prefers that Brad guy over me

Seriously,  this has been bothering me for a long time.

Learn Python and LUA

I don’t know why,  but my attempts to become proficient in these languages have always been stymied.

I’m extremely proficient in what, something like 8 other programming languages,  but I can’t seem to pick these up.

Perhaps its the structure and syntax, or maybe its…ohhhhhh shinnnnieeeee…..

Sorry, what was I talking about?

Finish reading the entire Game of Thrones saga

Yeah,  this is a tough one.

I’m 50,  so there’s a chance I might be able to tick this one off my list.

/fingers crossed!

Have something I produce go viral

Yeah,  I’m an attention whore…get over it.






Image: http://www.ptonline.com/