My Butternut Squash Soup Recipe Version 3:

Butternut Squash Soup version 3:
5 or 6 celery stick chopped fine
a handful of julliene carrots
a red and yellow sweet bell pepper also chopped
approx 3 lbs of squash
Knorr Chicken soup base

In a large pot heat some olive oil, drop in too much Oregano…put in more oil to even it out…then dump in everything but the sqaush and soup base
Once the aromatics are soft, think “oh crap, I forgot the sqaush” and dump it in.   Then think…”awww crap, I forgot to buy an apple, and its New Years Eve and everything’s closed!”.  Spend approximately 2 minutes pondering what effect an apple would have on your soup and add a bit of splenda and a splash of white wine vinegar (because you used the last of your white vinegar trying to clean the dishwasher).

Set to medium heat and cover.  Get caught up doing something else for about 5 minutes and run back to the stove, stir and set the timer for 3 minutes…repeat this several times until it smells awesome.  Mix up the Knorr Chicken soup mix in a jug and just as your guests arrive pour in just enough to cover the contents.   Set the heat to high, stirring constantly.   Once its boiling, lower the heat to about 4 and chat with your guests and forget to set the timer.

About 30 minutes later say, “Ah, crap, I forgot to set the timer…how long have you guys been here?”   They should say, “About 30 minutes.”.   Check the soup…if the squash is fairly soft,  or you feel like doing it, take your hand mixer and puree your soup so that you get a nice even consistency.   Start tasting here and add seasonings as per taste.  You can also do what I did and start inventorying my cupboards then think, “What am I doing??  This is awesome as it is.

Set the heat a bit higher to boil off some of the liquid and assign a guest to stir it while you spend the next 30 minutes or so making awesome hamburgers.   Once the hamburgers are on the grill and you’ve seared both sides (of the hamburgers), stick your hand mixer back into the soup to mix it up (hence the term “mixer) for a bit.

Then shove bowls and spoons at your desk and say “Help yourself”…when they give you a blank look…fetch a ladel from a drawer.

Feeds  well…more than 3 people as I’ve got more than half a pot left…